Thu, 13 November 2014   

Episode 235 – Charlie Leavy


I am honoured to introduce you to today’s guest, Charlotte “Charlie” Leavy! She is a singer/songwriter from the UK, and has accomplished more in her young life than most people do in their whole career.

Charlie has a multitude of original songs, and is a tireless performer. It is an incredible balance when you factor in her school work.


She got her start by recording one take acoustic performances in her bedroom. She has since moved things into the studio, and her brand new EP is available now! It’s called “The Best Damn Ride”. Two songs from it are featured with this episode.

Learn more at

Special thanks to my good friend Tess Jones ( for pointing me in Charlie’s direction. I am truly a fan of her work, and I hope she joins me again to keep me posted on her career.



Listen to the interview here