Charlie_Leavy__The_Best_Damn_Ride__cover It is rare to find a young artist so remarkable that it seems as if they have lived generations before their time, one  who speaks truths of a seasoned soul, and those who create music well beyond their years. These are the artists      who stand out among the weeds, pushing forward to have long careers expressing legendary sounds and          influencing their peers in a positive manner. Although we often find the music scene accented with the forces of    commercialized pop products and manufactured sounds, there are walking among us, some of the greatest sound  innovators to emerge; they haven’t even reached the age of 18 but, their work speaks of a much broader  experience.

 We introduce you to 17-year old singer, songwriter, and musician Charlie Leavy, a young artist from the UK  who is quickly becoming a household name among fans of all ages from virtually every corner of the world. With  an awe-inspiring sound and lyrical content that rivals artists such as the world-renowned Adele, Charlie’s latest EP release ‘The Best Damn Ride’ is a powerful performance of superior artistry, gifted talent, and unmatched distinction guaranteed to garner the undivided attention of fans far and wide.

The EP is a realistic view into the world of vibrant, free-spirited youth who are detached from materialism and self-centered perspectives while expressing a broad worldview of love, life, passion and the human spirit. Listeners will find an eclectic blend of live acoustic tracks, country and folk-inspired musings as well as pop and rock vocals. Charlie demonstrates a vast vocal range that is dynamic and largely mature sounding for her age. It becomes evident relatively quickly that the gifted talent has truly placed her heart on the stage during the development and production of the compilation.

Charlie_Leavy__Oxford_O2_3While ‘The Best Damn Ride’ could not be more appropriately named and the songs churn out with the greatest of force, there are some really notable moments that should not be missed. The intro track “The Way Life Is” emerges from the EP with a nostalgic soulful sound, smooth flow, and captivating lyrics. The tracks “Tongue Tied” and “Running My Mouth” deliver an upbeat folk vibes with luscious rock vocals reminiscent of Jewel’s earlier works with a modern spin a la Taylor Swift. She even treats fans to two live-cut tracks “Why are you Waiting” and “Wearing Your Kiss” that offer a fair share of jazzy vocals and funky rhythms.

“Summer’s Day Runaway” is another robust track filled with retro pop sounds and Charlie’s hypnotic vocals. The song explodes with energy and and a luminescent style that radiates for miles. Music fans will really gravitate toward the deeply poetic and lyrical performance that she unleashes on each and every track. The EP is a diverse canvas of defining strokes as found “Falter Baby”, an uncut acoustic track with catchy verses and infectious hook. With unapologetic grit and reckless abandon Charlie confronts mature content with brazen conviction, giving her all and then some more throughout the entire EP.

Based in Hook Norton, UK, 17-year old Charlie Leavy is a bright start to behold. Her style is a flavorful fusion of folk influences, country-inspired, bluesy pop-rock vibrations. She is an eclectic artist and instrumentalist that borrows from her personal influences and experiences to summon record-breaking sounds. Currently locking down the #1 spot on the Reverbnation music charts for Acoustic Pop in the UK, she is poised to be one of the greatest voices of our time.

Charlie’s growing catalogue includes around 100 original songs and her roster of live gigs continues to expand. The young songstress and guitarist travels the UK playing throughout the year, stopping in cities from York to Brighton and numerous other locations. Filled with bold ambition, determination, and drive, Charlie has a strong work ethic that is evident in her finished material and live performances. From recording original acoustic tracks in her own room to professional recording studios with industry influencers, Charlie Leavy is watching her dreams become reality and she welcomes fans to join her along this truly remarkable journey.

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