Charlie Leavy

Charlie Leavy is a promising 17 year old female singer songwriter from Hook Norton and Leeds, United Kingdom.

On her bandcampsite she states:

“As you can tell from my lyrics, I mostly write about things that affect me. Things that my friends, family or I see, experience or hear about. All these stories, feelings and memories get stored in my mind waiting to come out in my music. It might take days, weeks or months, but my music definitely reflects these things”.


The EP The Best Damn Ride was released on 01 August 2014.The first two songs, The Way Life Is and Tongue Tied are two slightly similar upbeat popsongs, sung with a crystal clear voice: catchy tunes that make you happy. Summers Day Runaway, is a song produced with a little more reverb than the other songs, which gives her voice a wonderful melancholic undertone. Falter Baby, is beautiful in its simplicity about struggling love. Its melody lingers in your mind, long after listening to it. The last song on this EP, Running My Mouth, clearly demonstrates Charlies amazing songwriting skills.

Best song in my opinion: Summers Day Runaway.

Charlie Leavy is still  a very young singer songwriter and is very gifted. She has the potential to sing in almost every genre. I’m curious which path she chooses to take.

The CD version of The Best Damn Ride contains 7 tracks, 5 tracks and 2 bonus live tracks and is available on her bandcampsite.

The album The Best Damn Ride by Charlie Leavy