Charlie Leavy releases new hot EP “The Best Damn Ride” . Strong vocals and very professionally arranged music makes this EP a very commercially strong release. Pop music mixed with country spice and funky attitude enchanted by beautiful melodies. What I like the most in this release is that even slower songs are energetic, usually slower sad songs are a little bit sleepy, but you can’t say that about “The Best Damn Ride”. All songs have their own unique mood and that makes this EP one of the best EP’s I’ve heard this year. Take a listen to some songs in the player below and if you like it, don’t forget to order “The Best Damn Ride” on iTunes!


About Charlie Leavy

I’ve been writing, singing and performing for a couple of years now and am rapidly approaching 100 original songs and the first 100 gigs milestone. I split my time between Yorkshire and Oxfordshire in the UK but this has the great advantage of enabling me to play across the UK – this year from York to Brighton and lots of towns in between.In 2014 I have been focussing on performing live, with my personal target being 52 gigs this year – not bad considering I am in the middle of my A levels. I’ve also been able to spend some time in the recording studio. Those of you that have followed me since the early days will know that I started out recording one take acoustic performances in my bedroom, but this year I have taken my tracks into the studio and worked with a couple of really supportive musicians to get the more produced sound that I always imagine when I write my songs. On 1st August my first EP “The Best Damn Ride” was released.

I have been described as a female Ed Sheeran and whilst this is a massive compliment, he is one of a small number of artists such as Dave Grohl & especially Carole King, that have inspired me over the last few years.

For the rest of the year I have more festivals and gigs planned along with multiple OXJAM events & gigs across Yorkshire, Warwickshire & Oxfordshire.

A couple of reviews
Tom Robinson, BBC 6 Music, “Out there in Streaming Land there are naturally gifted singers and then there are the rest of us, and you can tell within seconds that Charlie Leavy belongs effortlessly in the first category. In the coming years she’ll be able to pick pretty much any direction she wants to and, with enough hard work, make a success of it.”

Art Lagun, Oxford Nightshift, “True to form the first act tonight proves to be the most interesting. Charlie Leavy makes a big impact with just her voice and an acoustic guitar, sounding more California than her native Hook Norton. Relentlessly upbeat, one great song follows another, catchy tunes with straightforward yet personal lyrics like the poignant ‘Tongue Tied’. Only seventeen, she writes and performs with frank simplicity that comes as a breath of vitalising air, her take on Pixie Lott’s ‘Mama Do’ trouncing the original.”

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