CHARLIE LEAVY Leeds-via-Hook Norton singer Charlie Leavy is currently studying for her A-levels but is already close to clocking up 100 gigs, and claims to have written as many songs.

“Live”, it’s just her, an acoustic guitar and heart full of soul (see June & November 2014 for her gig reviews), but these recording are perhaps a better indicator of what’s she’s capable of, from the jazzy, very slightly funky soul-pop of `The Way Life Is’, to the sweet and simple unrequited love note that is `Tongue Tied’, both clear-eyed and uncomplicated songs that are polished but not so much they lose their inner naivety; the more straightforward acoustic `Falter Baby’ is over-egged by contrast, but best of the lot here is the lush, synthy `Summer Day Runaway’, again soulful but simple and poppy; the only thing between it and hit status is a decent publicist.

There’s obviously a strong Alecia Keys influence going on in Charlie’s music, and it’s hardly making a break for rock and roll’s wildest hinterlands, but not every musician wants to tear up the rule book and alienate the entire human race like Scott Walker, and for those who prefer safer ground, Charlie Leavy’s a decent outside bet for next local breakout artist.


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