Charlie Leavy released “The Best Damn Ride” which is a five track EP. Charlie has been writing, singing and performing for several years and with her musical talent has created 100 original songs.  Charlie Leavy has played many shows and looks to expand the horizon by playing 52 gigs this year. Charlie spends time in Yorkshire and Oxfordshire in the United Kingdom. This has allowed Charlie to branch out to different sectors of the UK and increase Charlie’s fan base.

Charlie Leavy - Oxford O2 - 1 (high res)

“The Best Damn Ride” Really expresses Charlies  ability as a musician.  The quality, mixing and mastering of her EP is elite, second to none, which is very good for an indie artist. Her acoustic guitar playing ability, and singing ability is second to none. She has a very pop style to her sound, but it’s not the typical sound you would hear on the radio. She has a very unique sound which makes her stand out among the saturated music scene. “Falter Baby” Is one of my favorites off Charlie’s EP. This one has amazing  rhythm and excellent vocals. Her choruses are done well, and her range is phenomenal. She doesn’t need all of the effects that many overuse like auto-tune and reverb. Her music isn’t over produced which makes it very real.

Charlie’s album also features two live bonus tracks which are extravagant, I actually think her live performances are better than her studio versions which is saying something about her talent! The songs “Why Are You Waiting” and ” Wearing Your Kiss) are absolutely stellar tracks. Her voice is as powerful in the studio as it is live.  Her voice is both soothing and relaxing,  She doesn’t overdo it and hits every note with ease.  I really like what she’s doing here, mixing folk, with pop and indie.  Her artistry presents no limits with absolutely no flaws. Check  Charlie Leavy’s EP out “The Best Damn Ride” you will not be disappointed with her musical talents.

Charlie Leavy - The Best Damn Ride - front cover - 500x500

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