My Creative Process

When writing a new song, I sometimes I start with the lyrics and sometimes I start with an interesting melody. Sometimes I start with a few chords, add some lyrics and the song takes a life of it’s own.
“Player 2” was a little different. I wrote the lyrics in my head and created the idea of a melody on my walk to school one morning. I then had to wait till I got home to make a permanent record of the song.

My Home Recording Equipment

– Pro tools
– Dell 14z laptop with USB interface
– Behringer B2 Pro condenser Mic
– Shure PG 81 pair of condenser Mics
– Art Studio V3 Mic Preamp
– Behringer Tube Ultragain MIC100 Vacuum Tube Preamp
– Martin GPCPA5K electro acoustic guitar
– Ibanez TCY10E-BK electro acoustic guitar
– Clearwater Solid Body Electric Tenor Ukulele
– Yamaha PSR-E433 Portable Keyboard
– Ibanez AEB8E-BK electro acoustic bass
– Stagg 60 AAR acoustic amp
– Stagg 40 AAR acoustic amp