Hey welcome, I’m Charlotte but everyone calls me Charlie – hope you enjoying finding out more about me and my music.

I’ve been writing; singing and performing for a couple of years now and have now written over 100 original songs and completed over 100 gigs. Thanks to what seems to be “the modern way”, I split my time between Yorkshire and Oxfordshire but hopefully at the end of 2015, I will be at Nottingham University studying History with Chinese.

In 2014 my focus was on performing live, with my personal target being 52 gigs (I did 85 in the end) – not bad considering I am in the middle of my A levels. And spending some time in the recording studio. Those of you that have followed me since the early days will know that I started out recording one take acoustic performances in my bedroom – sometimes with cheeky birdsong or phone beeps sneaking into the recordings 🙂 So, eventually, I took my tracks into the studio and worked with a couple of really supportive musicians to get the more produced sound that I always imagine when I write my songs. Late 2014 my debut EP was released so feel free to check it out – I really hope you like it.

2015 has been less writing, recording and gigging and more concentrating on my school work leading up to my A Levels in May and June. I still gig a little, but significantly less than last year! I do have gigs booked from July onwards – I’ll keep you posted on the dates. In the meantime please keep in touch and keep an eye on my website for gig information.