Charlie Leavy is a female singer/songwriter from the UK. While she is young, she was born in 1996, her music shows maturity. Her voice is sweet and she has talent. And she can play her guitar. And her new release The Best Damn Ride is worth listening to.

The first song on the cd is The Way Life Is. The lyrics take a look at why people act the way they do. She questions why the news focuses on trivial events, why people who have so much often make wrong choices. She questions where we put our priorities in life. It shows an artist that is looking around the world and sees what is happening.

And I really enjoyed the song Summers Day Runaway. It’s a song about a relationship. It’s how you feel good in relationship, and it captures the small moments in a relationship. It focuses in on that special thing that we really enjoy about a person. The music is simple, and goes well with the lyrics.

I think I like her music because she sticks with what she knows and sees in life. Her music is honest because she doesn’t try to add a lot of glamour to it. She sticks with acoustic guitar and vocals for the most part. She doesn’t try to overshadow her talent with loads of extras. That doesn’t mean that she doesn’t enhance the music with rhythms and other instruments. She just has focus. She understands her strengths. And that is the sign of a musician who will grow to be a good performer in my opinion.

So listen to her music, and let me know what you think of it.