I never know what to expect from independent artists, as I’ve heard a lot of bad in my day. Charlie Leavy is one of those stand outs, that you aren’t sure about until you actually listen. It was with the release of “The Best Damn Ride” EP that I was floored by the talented artist. With the first track of “The Way Life Is”, you get completely thrown into a world that is a mirror of life. The lyrics are of wisdom and honor, a reflection of society, the same kind of candor that you would expect from a veteran soul artist. It’s sung and played with precision and it creates a nice spectrum to give you an idea of what the artist is all about. It’s with that opener that Charlie Leavy won me, it’s a strong opener.

The rest of the EP is solid, with “Tongue Tied”, “Summers Day Runaway”, “Falter baby” and “Running My Mouth”. It’s this type of music that bridges gaps between genres, and while it is firmly rooted in acoustics, it still has a raw, rock energy that is definitely worth noting. I liked the transitional elements, the bridges, and the guitar sounds that mixed well with Charlie’s incredible voice. It’s got character, and the lyrics only build the song structure even more, which is hard to come by with a lot of independent artists today.

As you listen to the EP, you will definitely find this to be a good overall release. There is enough to give you a taste, and that’s what the goal of an EP is, just a taste of what’s to come. You’ll find that this is a solid outing that will definitely find home with pop, indie, and rock fans alike. It is a bit softer than most of the stuff that has been coming through my speakers recently, but that’s not bad, I appreciate the diversity. I can’t listen to hardcore and metal 24 hours a day, and it’s artists like Charlie Leavy and the release of “The Best Damn Ride” that gives me reason to continue to listen for up and coming artists, regardless of genre. You’ll find that this is one good record, especially if you like independent music, pop, acoustic and alternative records. The lyrics alone make this one worthwhile, as they made me think.

You can check out the EP via bandcamp.com, purchase via itunes here, and check out the official Charlie Leavy website here. Keep tabs on this artist, you’ll be glad you did.