VLOG #2: BBC Radio Oxford with Will Gompertz :)

This was SERIOUSLY an amazing experience, omg. Will was such a cool guy, really friendly and lovely! 😀 If you missed me on the radio, my interview is still online for the next 3 weeks. The link is below and you need to go to about
1:35:00 🙂

Quote of the day from Will, “You know Charlie, you remind me of a young Kate Bush…” Open-mouthed smile





Tom Robinson – 6 Music review

Out there in Streaming Land there are naturally gifted singers and then there are the rest of us, and you can tell within seconds that Charlie Leavy belongs effortlessly in the first category. In the coming years she’ll be able to pick pretty much any direction she wants to and, with enough hard work, make a success of it.

The most tempting route might be to slide into becoming some kind of mid-atlantic Joss Stone soundalike, managed by some corporate Talent Agency and marketed to Mums and Dads on Radio 2 via the pluggers of some international music conglomerate. But Charlie also has the potential to be a far more interesting and authentic artist than that, with a unique English voice and viewpoint that are all her own.

Tom Robinson, BBC 6 Music

The Way Life Is